FusionCharts Suite XT
  • 产品编号:2013-456
  • 产品类型:商业控件
  • 当前版本:v3.3.1
  • 产品厂商:FusionCharts
概述:FusionCharts Bundle Packs包含4个产品:FusionCharts, PowerCharts, PowerMaps和FusionGadgets,是提供给开发者的一组用Flash开发的组件,适合创建高质量的数据可视化Web应用。

FusionCharts Suite XT 3.4开始个人使用免费!


  • Rendering supported in Javascript only, support for rendering in Flash deprecated.
  • Significant improvement in chart rendering time.
  • Dependency on jQuery removed leading to reduction in JavaScript code footprint.
  • New developer friendly documentation introduced for the JavaScript only API.
  • Theme manager added to allow easy application of presentation features across charts.
  • Annotation engine added to allow addition of text and shapes on chart.
  • Additional events available for deeper integration of charts with applications.
  • Support for hover effect on all common charts.
  • Support for macro variables in tool tips to update content dynamically.
  • Data enabled markers supported for maps.
  • Selectively render axis lines.
  • New JavaScript helper methods added.

  • Cleaner legend keys across all charts.
  • Option to hide specific datasets upon chart initial load, which can be shown by user upon clicking legend key.
  • Pie and doughnut charts can now be configured to allow slicing of only one pie/doughnut slice at most.
  • Doughnut charts can now contain a dynamic center label, which can be configured per doughnut slice.
  • Better export server hosted by FusionCharts, for export of charts as image/PDF.
  • Support for palette ThemeColors across the suite, allowing you to define a list of colors for use by data plots.
  • Support for automatic ellipses and wrapping in ZoomLine charts.
  • Anchors in sparkline charts now support the hover effect.
  • New attributes for anchors to better configure their display.
  • Support for tool-tips for the connectors in the Drag Node charts.
  • Support for path in annotations.
  • Unification of limit calculation in gauges, which was earlier bound by color-range minimum or maximum values.
  • Aesthetics of axis, data plot, anchors etc.

  • The "divlinealpha" attribute now works in Google Chrome
  • Real-time charts render with the correct yAxis-max value after resizing
  • Alpha attribute is not working for set level in candlestick charts.
  • Alpha property works in the 2D mode of Bubble charts.
  • Background color can be applied to tlLabel, trLabel, blLabel, and brLabel in Heat Map charts.
  • Bar plots are properly aligned w.r.t. base line in VML browsers.
  • Chart logo is no longer clipped in scroll charts.
  • clickURL works when any chart button / context menu is clicked.
  • Commas in a data-stream in realtime charts do not break it.
  • Compatibility issues with Base2-p.js fixed.
  • Custom entity stroke thickness fixed in VML browsers.
  • Distortion fixed in line chart in VML when "connectNullData='0'".
  • Font related styles can no longer be inherited in charts from external sources.
  • FusionCharts works correctly on Firefox 3.0+.
  • Gantt charts don't throw js errors when a task's endValue is less than its startValue.
  • Gantt charts now render when setting showStartDate='0' in VML browsers.
  • Gradient element with id containing a capital letter now works fine.
  • Pointer is now positioned correctly for the zero value if scale starts from a negative value in linear gauges.
  • setXmlUrl and setJSONUrl now work fine in IE11 after render.
  • In Pie/Doughnut charts, a link can be activated by right click also.
  • Plot shadows, when hidden, are no longer visible in VML for Column, Pie, Area type charts.
  • Positioning of plot sum labels in Stacked Bar charts now fixed.
  • JavaScript API "setZoomMode()" now works in JS Zoomline chart.
  • Label of sum no longer overshoots for the first stack in stacked charts.
  • Log Column charts plot data correctly when values are less than 0.99.
  • Fixed gradient references in RedRaphael when URL is changed dynamically.
  • Multi-line labels in vline now position properly.
  • Tooltips on Pie charts on touch devices like iPad now fixed.
  • Quadrant labels in Scatter/Bubble charts are not visible in VML.
  • Rotated x-axis labels have been fixed.
  • Setting divLineAlpha=>50 now works properly.
  • yaxisMaxValue now works correctly for Stacked Real-time charts.
  • Text is not misplaced in exported images on VML browser.
  • Trendline's displayValue attribute now parses {br} in Gantt.
  • Vertical positioning of caption and sub-caption in IE 9, 10.
  • Placement of cross hair of Zoomline charts in light-box in IE is fixed.
  • Z-position issue fixed in context menu and tooltip when a chart is rendered in ExtJS.
  • Zoom line charts pin mode now works fine.
  • showLimits="0" does not crash LogMSLine chart.
  • tooltext is now working in maps.
  • Linear gauge hover effect for attribute "pointerHoverRadius" does not works as intended.
  • Hover related anchor properties now inherit values from non-hover state in line/area charts.
  • $xDataValue, $xValue, $yDataValue, and $yValue tooltip macros work for Select Scatter charts.
  • $volumeValue and $volumeDataValue functionality is now swapped.
  • $taskStartDate and $taskEndDate are now working.
  • $horizontalErrorPercent and $verticallErrorPercent are not working.
  • $fromXValue, $fromXDataValue, $fromYValue, $fromYDataValue, $toYValue, $toYDataValue, $toXValue, $toXDataValue, $fromLabel and $toLabel are working.
  • $cumulativePercentDataValue is now working.
  • The functionality for $closeValue and $closeDataValue has been swapped.
  • plotToolText attribute is now working in dataset tag for most of the MS charts.
  • Candlestick chart thrownig JS error with blank datasets now fixed.

The same delight across devices, browsers and platforms
PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones or Android devices, FusionCharts Suite XT brings the same delight to all of them. It works with all your web and mobile applications that are rendered within a browser, including even IE6. 

Rich interactivity, powerful reporting, happy users
Tooltips, clickable legend keys, easy drill-down, effortless zooming and scrolling, one-click chart export and print gives your users all the capabilities they expect from a modern-day business app.

Go from data to delight in under 15 minutes with extensive docs and demos
With copy-paste installation, ready-to-use demos and extensive docs, you can create your first chart in under 15 minutes. The demos are both inspiring and the ideal place to learn charting best practices from. The documentation is exhaustive with API and attribute definitions, integration examples and tutorial-style explanation of the advanced capabilities of FusionCharts Suite XT.

The industry’s most comprehensive charting library with over 90 chart types
Why use a column chart when a funnel chart is what you need? Incorrect chart types lead to incorrect analysis, which in turn lead to incorrect business decisions. Your users deserve better. FusionCharts Suite XT brings you 90 chart types right from the basic Column, Line, Pie and Speedometer charts to the more advanced Funnel, Pyramid, Pareto and Zoom Line Charts. You also get specialized charts for network diagrams, employee performance analysis and stock price plotting. And then there are 965 maps of continents, countries and all US states to show geographical data.

Native integration with jQuery
Using the new FusionCharts jQuery plugin, you can use the jQuery syntax to build the charts. Add a chart anywhere within a web page, change the chart type, update and retrieve chart data, update functional and cosmetic settings and much more.

Choose a data format that suits you—JSON or XML
FusionCharts Suite XT supports both JSON and XML data formats. So when you are integrating the charts with other JavaScript frameworks, JSON is an ideal choice. And when you are working with server-side business applications, XML becomes more convenient with its verbose nature.

Superb support options including personalized tech support
FusionCharts Suite XT has extensive self-support options including documentation, knowledge base and 20K strong community forum that are available 24x7. It has its official book too, the first ever data visualization component in the market to have one, published by Packt Publications UK. You can also get personalized support within 24 working hours from our tech support team by purchasing the priority support & upgrades subscription.

  • 最超值的套装,内含4组Flash组件
  • 支持Flash和HTML5双重技术
  • 无论是PC还是移动设备都能输出令人兴奋的的图表
  • 适合开发数据可视化项目和BI项目
  • 例子和文档详尽,缩短开发周期
  • 客户包括用友集团和南瑞集团等
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  • FusionMaps XT


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