股票和时间线图表最佳控件,100% JavaScript技术
  • 产品编号:2013-621
  • 产品类型:商业控件
  • 当前版本:2.0.4
  • 产品厂商:Highsoft Solutions AS

Highstock 的一个指标插件

支持的指标包括:SMA, EMA, RSI, ATR

Highstock 版本要求:1.3.9+


It works in all modern browsers including the iPhone/iPad and Internet Explorer from version 6. Standard browsers use SVG for the graphics rendering. In legacy Internet Explorer graphics are drawn using VML.  它能够运行于所有现代的浏览器,包括iPhone/iPad 和IE 6及以上版本。在标准浏览器中使用SVG技术输出图形,在老版本的IE中图形使用VML方法绘制。

Do you want to use Highcharts for a personal website, a school site or a non-profit organisation? Then you don't need the author's permission, just go on and use Highcharts.

One of the key features of Highstock is that under any of the licenses, free or not, you are allowed to download the source code and make your own edits. This allows for personal modifications and a great flexibility.无论是商业还是免费,你总能免费获取到源代码,并允许修改,这带来了极大的灵活性。

Highstock is solely based on native browser technologies and doesn't require client side plugins like Flash or Java. Furthermore you don't need to install anything on your server. No PHP or ASP.NET. Highcharts needs only two JS files to run: The Highstock.js core and either the jQuery, MooTools or Prototype framework. One of these frameworks is most likely already in use in your web page. Highstock 完全基于原生浏览器技术,并且不需要客户端的插件,如Flash或Java。因此你不需要在服务器端安装任何东西,仅需要Highstock.js和 jQuery ,MooTools 或 Prototype中的一个框架。

Highstock supports line, spline, area, areaspline, column, scatter, OHLC, candlestick, flags, arearange, areasplinerange and columnrange chart types. Any of these can be combined in one chart.

Setting the Highstock configuration options requires no special programming skills. The options are given in a JavaScript object notation structure, which is basically a set of keys and values connected by colons, separated by commas and grouped by curly brackets.
Highstock 配置选项设置无需特殊的编程技能。选项​​中给出了一个JavaScript对象符号结构,基本上是一组由冒号连接,用逗号隔开,大括号分组的关键字和值。

Through a full API you can add, remove and modify series and points or modify axes at any time after chart creation. Numerous events supply hooks for programming agains the chart. In combination with jQuery, MooTools or Prototype's Ajax API, this opens for solutions like live charts constantly updating with values from the server, user supplied data and more.
通过一套全面的API你能够在任何时候增加,移除和修改序列和数据点,或修改轴。大量的事件提供挂接(Hooks)用于再次编程图表,用jQuery,MooTools或Prototype的Ajax API相结合,使实时图表不断从服务器和用户提供的数据更新值。

While navigating a large dataset, perhaps hourly values over several years, it is important for the charting library to provide a quick way a to view a certain time range. Highstock provides a range selector where the user can zoom in on preselected time ranges like 1m, 1y or YTD, or manually add date ranges.

Another, more visual way of navigating the data set is by dragging the scrollbar, or dragging the edges of the Navigator window to the area of special interst.

Sometimes you want to compare variables that are not the same scale. Highstock lets you assign an y axis for each series. Each axis can be placed to the right or left, or next to other axes. All options can be set individually, including reversing, styling and position.
有时候你要比较的变量是不一样的尺度 - 例如温度与降雨量和空气压力。 Highstock 让你分配每个系列 - y轴或x轴,如果你想比较不同类别的数据集。每个轴都可以放置到图表的右侧或左侧,顶部或底部。所有选项都可以单独设置,包括反向,样式和位置。

On hovering the chart Highstock can display a tooltip text with information on each point and series. The tooltip follows as the user moves the mouse over the graph, making it easy and intuitive to read out the values from the chart.

75% of all charts with an X and Y axis have a date-time X axis. Therefore Highchart is very intelligent about time values. With milliseconds axis units, Highcharts determines where to place the ticks so that they always mark the start of the month or the week, midnight and midday, the full hour etc.
有一个X轴和Y轴的75%的图表有一个时间X轴,因此Highstock 在时间值上非常智能。Highstock 毫秒轴单位,确定在何处放置刻度,使他们始终月份开始的一周,午夜和中午,整整一个小时等标记。

If your data array consists of 100,000 points, it wouldn't be very effective for the browser to calculate the translated position for each one and display a graph with 100,000 points on what is often a 800px wide canvas. In comes the Highstock data grouping facility, where the data is blazingly fast grouped into optional groups like months or days, and displayed. When zooming in on smaller ranges, the grouping is redone and you can inspect the full resolution data.

With the exporting module enabled, your users can export the chart to PNG, JPG, PDF or SVG format at the click of a button, or print the chart directly from the web page.

By zooming in on a chart you can examine an especially interesting part of the data more closely. Zooming can be in the X or Y dimension, or both.

Highstock takes the data in a JavaScript array, which can be defined in the local configuration object, in a separate file or even on a different site. Furthermore, the data can be handled over to Highcharts in any form, and a callback function used to parse the data into an array.
Highstock 使用JavaScript数组,它可以在本地配置对象,定义在一个单独的文件中,甚至在不同的网站中的数据。此外,数据可以被处理Highstock 任何形式的,用于解析数据到一个数组中的一个回调函数。

  • 无论是免费还是商业使用都能免费获取源代码
  • 支持丰富的金融类图表,如蜡烛图、OHLC等
  • 用户体验友好,方便的时间范围选择
  • 支持大数据点,显示非常快速
  • 是显示股票,汇率和各种指数走势最好的前端图表组件
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  • Highcharts


  • AnyStock


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